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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy can be found here: Privacy Policy

Downloading the app:

The app can be downloaded from Google Play Store

It requires Android 4.3 and up


The app can be connected using couple of methods:

  1. Bluetooth - you need a Bluetooth module, expected range is about 20-50 meters
  2. Direct USB connection - this one is the easiest one because it doesn’t require any additional hardware. You need only USB OTG cable. (From what I heard cables delivered with Samsung phones that has two micro usb plugs doesn’t work because they don’t have data pins connected and they are designed to charge other devices from your phone). I use cheap cables from Ebay or Bangood. Also the phone has to support OTG functionality. Most of the new models do, but the app can’t detect if the phone supports it or not. Sometimes Android things that it has OTG support and the hardware is not there, sometimes is other way around that hardware is there but Android doesn’t know about it. But as I said it should work correctly with modern Android devices. I don’t get many complains about this method.
  3. WIFI - in my tests I’ve used esp8266 chip to make WiFi to serial converter. It works well. Easy to make and easy to operate. More info here:  - first 10 points, the rest is an older approach.
  4. Bluetooth LE - I was asked to designed this to work with HM-10 modules but it doesn’t work well. This bluetooth module has very small buffer and it loses the bytes.

Tip: Method 2 is not restricted only to direct cable connection. You can use ie 3DR Radio module to have wireless long range telemetry. During autonomous missions long range link can be used to monitor the flight.

Startup screen

Three main buttons:

  1. Connect - for connection
  2. Create Mission - allows you to create/edit mission without connection to the model. So you can prepare a mission earlier than save it and use it later
  3. Check Airspace - displays informations about nearby airspace restrictions. Data is pulled from AirMap -


Main screen

Main screen is designed to view flight progress in real time. You can find there current position on the map, pitch and roll angles, altitude and speed etc. It displays also warnings about problems. When the mission is prepared it is also displayed on the map.

Left menu

Left menu (which can be shown by swiping from left of the screen to right or pressing, three lines in left top corner of the screen) allows to download/upload missions to the flight controller, edit/create missions and modify navigations settings.

Right menu

Mission planning

Mission Editor is used to plan the mission.

In the top bar there are few icons that allows:

  1. Remove and waypoint/area from the map
  2. Add new waypoint - adding new waypoint is also possible by long press on the map
  3. Draw mission - the line will be simplified and waypoints added automatically
  4. Draw the area for survey missions

Left menu

Left swipe out  menu contains list of waypoints. After clicking on the waypoint it can be edited.

Right menu

Edit waypoint parameters

Tip: When the speed equals 0m/s the default speed set in the flight controller will be used.

Survey missions

To prepare survey mission first click on the square icon from the top bar and draw a line around the terrain you are interested in. The line will be simplified and selected area added to the map.

Than click on the area to see possible survey options.

Press ok to generate the mission.

Generated waypoints can be freely modified.

Combining multiple areas and waypoints is also possible.